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The Curious Machine Slot Game in the Betanysports 3D Casino

In the late 19th century, a brilliant young inventor, Mr. Miles Bellhouse, has invented a wondrous new machine that allows a person to travel through time itself. Join Miles and his trusty clockwork assistant, Gizmo as they travel through the epochs of time in this amazingly lush 30 line, 5 reel slot! But watch out for the dastardly General Traytor, who will stop at nothing to steal Miles' invention. You're in for the ride of your life, when you hop aboard The Curious Machine! With the mobile version, you can adventure through time anywhere you'd like!


Blast to the Past Multiplier Free Spins – Get 3 or more DINOSAUR symbols scattered anywhere on the reels to trigger the BLAST TO THE PAST FREE SPINS mode. Miles and Gizmo will test out their machine, and transport themselves millions of years into the past. During this free spins mode, a random multiplier will be applied to each spin. This multiplier will multiply all line wins during that free spin up to 5x!

Reel Rewind Second Chance Feature – If no wins occur on the reels, when you are playing all 30 lines per spin, you may randomly receive a SECOND CHANCE! 1 of the 5 reels will randomly rewind, giving you a second chance to win! Note: Rewind Feature only triggers when all 30 lines are in play!

Vortex Wild Feature – When completing a winning combination, the VORTEX symbol is Wild! If no wins occur on the screen and a VORTEX symbol is present, the VORTEX will activate, spinning all icons adjacent to the VORTEX Symbol, allowing for a new layout of symbols and new chances for wins!

Double Up – After any standard win, you have the option of doubling your winnings. To double up, simply click the DOUBLE UP button underneath the SPIN button! You will be taken to a secondary screen where you can choose which of the robot's hands you think will contain the coin. If you guess correctly, your win is doubled! You can press collect at any time to collect your winnings. Note: Double Up is not playable when FREE SPINS or BONUS ROUND has been triggered!

Travel Through Time Bonus Round – Get 3 or More of the TIME MACHINE symbols scattered anywhere on the reels to trigger the TRAVEL THROUGH TIME BONUS FEATURE. General Traytor knows nothing of the curious machine, but he has his suspicions! WHen he comes peeping inside, join Miles and his robotic companion, Gizmo as they flee his prying eyes in this TIME TRAVELLING second screen bonus feature!


5-Reel, 30 Line Slot Machine.

The Max Theoretical RTP for this game is: 97.50%.

Min/Max Wager Amount:
The Minimum wager amount for this game is 1 coin and the Maximum wager amount is 150.

Number of Lines:
There are 30 lines in this slot game.

Number of BPL:
You can wager from 1-5 coins per line.

Coin Denominations:
The default coin denominations are 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 and 1.00.

Default Wager:
The default bet for this game is 0.10, 1 bet per line, maximum number of lines.

Default Resolution:
The default resolution for this game is 800 x 600.

Betanysports 3D Casino Game Screenshot

Button Descriptions (Computer)
Sound On – Toggles sound on or off.

View Pays – Information on Paylines, Features, and Bonus Round.

Prev – While in VIEW PAYS, button displays previous information page.

Return To Game – While in VIEW PAYS, button redirects player to the main game screen.

Next – While in VIEW PAYS, button displays next information page.

Choose Coin – Clicking allows player to increase their coin played. You can select from the following coins: 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, and 1.00.

-Bet Per Line+ – Allows player to increase or decrease their bet per line. You can select from the following line bets: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

-Select Lines+ – Allows player to increase or decrease their number of lines played. You can select from the following number of lines: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, and 30.

Spin – Activates a round with selected Coin, Bet Per Line and number of Lines.

Double Up – After any winning combination, you have the option of doubling up your win. (Note: Double Up is not available after free spins mode or second screen bonus round).

Bet Max Spin – Activates a round with the selected Coin, 5 Bet Per Line, and 30 Lines. Total coins bet is 150.

Casino Game Mobile Screen

Button Descriptions (Mobile)
Spin – Activates a round with selected Coin, Bet Per Line and number of Lines.

Home – Takes you back to the main mobile games page.

Back – Takes you back to the main game screen from the paytable, bet parameters, or autoplay configuration screens.

Options Menu – Tapping the Green Button in the upper right corner of the game screen will summon the Options Menu, where you can toggle sound off/on, adjust your bet parameters, or view the paytable.

Sound – This switch toggles the audio on or off.

Bet – Takes you to the bet settings control page. From this page you can change all your bet parameters using the sliding controls on the page.

Paytable – Shows the paytable for the game.

Autoplay – This button will take you to the autoplay menu where you can adjust the number of spins and disable/enable Quick Spin Mode and Autoplay Mode.

Stop Auto – This button will stop the game from automatically spinning the reels until either the Start Auto button or Cancel Auto buttons are pressed.

Start Auto – This button will start the autoplay mode, causing the game to spin the reels the designated number of times with the current bet parameters.

Cancel Auto – This button will terminate Autoplay mode, returning the game to manual play mode.

Skip – This button will cause the game to cease playing any feature animations and proceed to the next spin.

Double Up – After a normal win, you can choose to play the Double Up minigame by clicking this button. Note: Double Up is not available after free spins mode.


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