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Solitaire, also known as Patience in some countries, is the world's favorite one person pastime that we thought should be part of our available options of entertainment.

There are many different variations of the game. Our version uses the standard 3 card draw Klondike rules and it is available on desktop and mobile devices.


How to Play? 
Start by choosing the amount you would like to bet by clicking on Stake. The minimum bet amount for the default profile is $0.57, and the maximum bet amount is $57 per game.

The objective of the game is to move all 52 cards to the Foundations located in the upper right corner of the game screen. Each card that you move to the Foundations will pay according to the bet amount you selected. See chart below.


Bet Amount Card to Foundation Completed Game Pays
$0.57 $0.05 $2.60
$1.14 $0.10 $5.20
$2.85 $0.25 $13.00
$5.70 $0.50 $26.00
$11.40 $1.00 $52.00
$17.10 $1.50 $78.00
$22.80 $2.00 $104.00
$28.50 $2.50 $130.00
$42.75 $3.75 $195.00
$57.00 $5 $260.00


The object of the game is to move all cards from the Waste Pile and the Tableau Columns to each of the four Foundations in order from Ace to King and grouped by each of the four suits.

Vegas Solitaire uses a standard 52 card deck that you can roll through up to 3 times.  Twenty eight Cards will be dealt to the Tableau in 7 columns with the number of cards increasing from 1 to 7 from left to right. All cards are facing down except the top card which will be facing up.Click Start to begin the game.Not all cards must be moved to the Foundations for you to be paid.  The amount you have accumulated at the end of the game will be applied to your account balance. A $0.57 winning game should pay you exactly $2.60. 

The top cards from the Tableau Columns and the Stock are the only cards available to play.  The cards on the Tableau Columns should be arranged alternating colors and in sequence from King to Ace.  An empty Tableau Column can only be filled with a King.

When you are unable to move any cards among the Tableau Columns, you will need to use the deck of remaining cards, which is called the Stock. Each turn, you can flip over three cards face-up, one on top of the other. These stack of cards face up are called the Waste Pile.  The third card (the one on top of the Waste Pile) is the one you may move. However, you may look at the other two cards.

Play the game according to the rules aforementioned. If you are unsure what your next move might be, you can click the Hint button and an option with a high percentage of game success will be displayed.  Keep in mind that this button is to assist you in not missing simple moves you may have overlooked.  Each game is different as it progresses.  Based on your play style, it may be in your best interest to choose a play other than the suggested hint.

When you click Hint, the button will change to Apply for a few seconds; clicking it will execute the move displayed. You may choose to automatically execute hints from the Options menu.

Double clicking a card from the Waste Pile or the Tableau Columns will send it, if eligible, to the corresponding Foundation.

If no more moves are available in the game, you can click Fold to stop it and start a new one.

Vegas Solitaire winnings will not be applied to the account until the game is finished.

When closing the game without finishing it, next time you access Vegas Solitaire you will be prompted to continue your incomplete game.

You may play Vegas Solitaire while wagering other betting features. You can have an active Solitaire game going even while betting on a Live in Play sporting event.


Special Features
This exclusive Vegas Solitaire game has certain features implemented to help you decide on the best move to make next.  These features include the "UNDO" button, the View Waste Pile cards function and the View Stock cards function.

Undo button: The Undo button allows you to take back your last move made. Please take in consideration that you CANNOT UNDO a Tableau Column card being flipped over, or a Stock draw of 3 cards from the first time going through the deck.  You are allowed to use the UNDO button on the following cases:

- Last card moved to/from the Tableau Columns to Foundations.
- Last card moved from the Stock to Foundations.
- Last card moved from one Tableau Column to another Tableau Column.
- Stock draw of 3 cards on the second or third time though the deck.

Betanysports Mini Game - Vegas Solitaire


View Waste Pile cards function: This functionality allows you to view all the cards that have already been drawn from the Stock to the Waste pile by simply clicking and holding over the Waste pile cards.  You will be able to see all cards in the Waste pile n order. It will last 3 seconds but it can be used as many times as you need it.

Betanysports Mini Game - Vegas Solitaire


View Stock cards function: This functionality allows you to view all the cards from the Stock that will be drawn by clicking and holding over the Stock.  This feature is automatically enabled once you have gone through the deck at least once.  All cards from the Stock will be displayed in the order in which they are going to be drawn.  It will last 3 seconds but it can be used as many times as needed.

Betanysports Mini Game - Vegas Solitaire


Game Rules
To refresh your memory on how the game works while playing it, you may access the Game Options icon at the top left corner of your Vegas Solitaire application.  Then click on the Game Rules button.


Change Theme
To change the theme of your mobile or desktop game, you must click on the Game Options icon.  Then, click on Change Theme and browse through the different displays available. Click on the APPLY button found below each theme, to start using it in your Vegas Solitaire game.

To exit the Change Theme section click on the X at the top right corner of your screen or go back with the arrow at the top left corner of the screen.


Game Reports
To receive a detailed game report of the past 24 hours, access Game Options from the icon. Click on Game Reports, enter your email address and click Send.  A detailed report of your Vegas Solitaire games played during the past 24 hours will arrive to your email.


Hint Options
This feature can make playing Solitaire an effortless task! To view the Hint Options available, click on the Game Option icon, then click on Hint Options.  The choices displayed are the following:

Manually Apply Hint: This option when enabled, will highlight a possible card move. After the "Hint" button has been clicked, it will become an "Apply" button which must be pressed if the move hinted wants to be applied.

Auto Apply Hint: This functionality when selected, will automatically apply the hint suggested in one single step.

Auto Play until Stop:  Sit back and watch the game evolve! This feature allows you to have the computer play the game for you by the repeated auto-application of Hint. The "Hint" button will then become a "Stop" Button that, by clicking it, will seize the Auto Play mode and you will be able to take over the control of the game.

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