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The Betanysports MatchPlay Casino is now available on your mobile device.  Choose from a variety of Blackjack games and Video Poker games and start playing today.


BlackJack Games

Blackjack 1 Deck

Blackjack 6 Deck

Lucky 7s

Spanish 21

Superfun 21


Poker Games

Stud Poker

Pai Gow Poker

Ride'em Poker

Video Poker

Jacks or Better
Double Up
Joker Poker
Deuces Wild
Double Joker
The Wild One
All American
Aces & Eights
Aces & Jacks
Aces & Faces
Bonus Hearts
Bonus Diamonds
Bonus Spades
Bonus Poker
Double Bonus Poker


Mobile Platforms
You can enjoy our Mobile MatchPlay Casino on any mobile Apple, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry device without any download, plugin, or app store purchase.  Just launch the game in your browser and start to play.

The games can be played on all widely used browsers.  It is always recommended to use the most recent browser and operating system available for your device for an optimal experience.  To enjoy the full audio features we recommend the FireFox browser for Android phones and the FireFox and Android browser for Android tablets.  For iOS(7+) devices we recommend the Safari browser.  Some browser and device combinations may exhibit a decreased audio experience due to hardware limitations on certain mobile devices.

All efforts are made to ensure a consistent experience across all devices, operating systems, and browsers; however please contact us if you experience any issues with your device.  When contacting us, to help us improve your gaming experience, please provide us with detail about the version of your device, operating system, browser, and any other relevant information.

The preferred browsers load the games by default with full sounds turned on; browsers or devices with limitations may default to limited sounds, or sounds off by default.  Because of the sound limitations of the iOS platform, the Mobile MatchPlay Casino is optimized for iOS7 with limited sounds.  For older iOS versions, sounds have been disable by default to optimize gameplay.  Sounds can be turned on/off in the Options menu, which can be accessed from any game.  When sounds are turned on while playing on other than the preferred browsers, this may impact the smoothness of game play, which can be improved by turning all sounds off.

One Account Fits All
The Mobile MatchPlay Casino is fully integrated with the Regular PC Casino.  Your balances are available in both casinos and your action in both casinos will be applied towards any applicable loyalty program.

Any unfinished hand in either casino can be launched and finished in the other casino.

Your balances which are displayed may require a browser refresh to reflect the current balances.

Time Out
Your login session will time out after a period of inactivity.  In the event of a time out, a message will be displayed on the screen and you will be given the opportunity to login again.

Your regular and bonus (if applicable) balance are always displayed in the casino menu as well as the games and are updated in real-time; however, in very rare circumstances a loss of connection or unforeseen event on a device might interfere with balance display.  All effort is made to keep your balance display current but the balances displayed may not be decisive in the event of any balance dispute.

Game Rules
In various menu levels How To Play pages can be launched.  These can also be accessed through the Options menu available in each game.

For all games a Practice Mode for Fun version is available, which will load the smallest denomination game in Practice Mode.

Game History
You can review all your casino action up to 90 days back with the Game History feature. This screen can be launched from various menu levels as well as from the Options menu available in each game.

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Copyright © 2023 Betanysports Casino & Sportsbook. All Rights Reserved. Rules & Policies | Privacy Policy| Affiliate Program | Affiliates Login