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The Cash Back Racebook software can be accessed by using the "Player Login" or by selecting "Racebook" from the menu in the Sportsbook.

To place a bet, select the desired track from the menu.  All available races and betting options will be available on this screen.  Simply point and click to choose your desired options.

Straight Wagers - "Win" means First place, "Place" is Second place or better, and "Show" is Third Place or better.

Exotic Wagers - Making an exotic bet is just like placing a straight wager, except now you will be selecting multiple runners. All selections must win.  Track consolation payouts will not be credited.  The following is a list of exotic wagers we offer:


Exacta: Choose two runners to come in 1st and 2nd in the specified order.

Trifecta: Choose runners to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in that specified order.

Superfecta: Choose runners to come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th places in that order.

Quinella: A wager where two runners are selected to finish first and second in any order.

Daily Double: A bet attempting to pick the winner of two consecutive races.

Pick3: The Pick 3 requires you to select the winner of 3 consecutive races.

Pick4: The Pick 4 requires you to select the winner of 4 consecutive races.

Pick5: The Pick 5 requires you to select the winner of 5 consecutive races.

Pick6: The Pick 6 requires you to select the winner of 6 consecutive races.


Coupled Pairs: Horses or dogs are coupled in the betting if they share the same owner.  If you place a wager on one coupled horse or dog, you automatically get the other.  So if you select a horse/dog that is part of a coupled pair (i.e. horses 1 and 1A), both of the coupled horses/dogs are considered as one selection.  For example, if you played 1-3-7 as your Trifecta and the result was 1A-3-7, you win.  Also, if one horse/dog gets scratched, you have the other horse/dog regardless of which horse/dog you selected.  For example, if you select 1A and 1A gets scratched - you still have the 1 horse/dog.

Results - As race times may change over the day, any wager made after a race begins will be voided.  Most tracks are available until the gates open to begin the race.  Past posted wagers will result in an immediate blocking of all accounts involved.  Races are graded as soon as possible after track payouts are made available.

Scratches - Horse/Dog scratches are updated automatically by the Cash Back Racebook system.  Betanysports assumes no liability for errors from data suppliers regarding horse or dog scratch status.  If you wagered on a horse before it was scratched, the follow rules will be applied:


Win / Place / Show: All wagers refunded when the race is graded.

Exacta / Trifecta / Superfecta / Quinella: Each portion of your wager, which involves a scratched horse, will be refunded when the race is graded.

Daily Double / Pick 3 / Pick 4 / Pick 5 / Pick 6: The post time favorite will never be used to replace a scratched horse.  A selection with a scratch and one or more losers does not qualify for any refund. Only selections including all winners & scratches are eligible for a payout.  Track consolation payouts are automatically applied by the system.  If no track consolation is paid for a ticket with all winners & scratches, a win track payout price parlay will be manually calculated for all correct selections.  The win price paid on each horse is used in a parlay to calculate the payout.  This manually calculated payout will not be eligible for any extra promotional payout amounts.  Contact Betanysports customer service to have manual payouts applied.


You may choose to forgo manually calculated winnings when scratches occur and have the only stake refunded.  This "All Scratch Refund" request must be noted on your account before any wagers will qualify. With this option, any combination with a scratched horse is no action regardless of the outcome of selections in other races.  Only wagers confirmed after this option is chosen will qualify for a refund. Scratched horse plays in multi-race selections are not automatically refunded.  You must contact Betanysports Customer Service within a week, to have your stake refunded on these selections when applicable.

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