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Game of American Roulette
Roulette is a popular casino game that is quite simple to play.

The game consists of a wheel, a ball, and a layout of 38 numbers from 1 thru 36 and includes a single zero and double zero

Roulette, a french word that means "Little Wheel", is a game where the player bets on a number or group of numbers, and/or the color of the numbers, or whether the number is Odd or Even.

The winning numbers are determined after the player spins the wheel & ball into play. Once the ball comes to rest inside the wheel on one of the 38 numbers, payouts are issued based on the odds of the number or group of numbers payed.

***It should be noted, that like all casino games, the software providing the virtual casino has a random number generator built into the system. Roulette is a game of chance and each spin is unique in and of it self-having no bearing on previous or ensuing spins. Having said that, a player shouldn't base his or her own strategy of play on what he or she believes should or shouldn't happen next. Roulette is a game of chance and requires a good amount of luck and money management to win! That said, good luck and haven fun!

Get a 4% Volume Rebate on Rebate Roulette! The 4% is calculated on all risked funds, meaning on all original bets, splits and double downs.

The 4% Volume Rebate will be applied at 3:20AM ET daily and it will appear in your account as "Mini Roulette Volume Rebate". The minimum rebate applied will be $0.01.

Rebate is not available on Vegas Solitaire, All or Nothing Solitaire, All or Nothing Klondike Strict Solitaire, Unlimited Vegas Solitaire, Klondike Strict, Options Blackjack, and Options Blackjack Enhanced.

How To Play
The player must first select a chip amount. Once the chip or bet amount has been established, the player would then begin selecting a number or range of numbers within the table layout. Once all bets are placed, the player hits spin to activate the wheel and ball into play.

For reference, the table layout consists of inside bets and outside bets.

Inside bets are placed on the numbers or fields of numbers within the table layout. A single inside bet can consist of 1 or up to 6 numbers.

Outside bets might be considered side bets or complimentary bets to what the player has wagered inside. Betting on the color red or black, or betting on odd or even would be considered outside bets. You can also bet on dozens and columns, or high & low groupings.

Game Features:
Rebet (repeat bet): By clicking this button, the player can repeat the bet he or she had prior to the last spin.

Undo bet: The player can remove his most previous bet, prior to spinning, by clicking "Undo". Repeating this will remove all previous bets (Again, this is prior to any spin).

Spin Wheel: Activates play once all wagers are complete on the table. By clicking spin, the players will activate the random number generator to decide the outcome.

Chip Selector: Is found next to the "Spin Wheel", there players can decide what denomination they want to wager. (Minimum $1 / Maximum$100 for the table).

Previous Numbers: Can bel located just next to the single zero and just above the 1st dozen at the top of the table layout.

History: Can be found under options to review all the player's previous bets.

Fast Play Option: Players can adjust the speed of play by enabling faster animation. This eliminates the ball and wheel spin and produces only the winning number.


Straight Bets (1 number only) = 35 to 1.

Splits Bets (2 numbers only-place bet on line between two adjoining numbers) = 17 to 1.

Street Bets (3 numbers only-place bet at the head of a line or row) = 11 to 1.

Trio Bets (3 numbers only using 0 - 00 combinations with 1-2-3) = 11 to 1.

Corner Bets (4 numbers-place bet at the intersection of 4 numbers) = 8 to 1.

First Five (first 5 numbers 0-00-1-2-3 combination) = 6 to 1.

Double Street Bets (6 numbers by splitting 2 street bets) = 2 to 1.

Column Bets (1st, 2nd and 3rd dozens are all outside bets) = 2 to 1.

Even Money Bets (Include red / black, High (19 - 36) or low (1 - 18), and Odd / even) = 1 to 1.

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