Rebate Video Poker – Jacks or Better Mini Game


Objective of the Game
The object of Video Poker is to make a winning combination of Poker hands – The best poker hand dealt to the player has the highest payout to the player.  Video Poker is a game of Draw Poker, where the player is given 5 cards all face up.  The player elects which cards to hold on to and/or which ones to discard for the final draw.


Get a 0.2% Volume Rebate on Rebate Video Poker!

The 0.2% is calculated on all risked funds, meaning on all original bets, splits and double downs.

The 0.2% Volume Rebate will be applied at 3:20AM ET daily and it will appear in your account as "Rebate Video Poker". The minimum rebate applied will be $0.01.

Rebate is not available on All American Poker, Baccarat, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better Video Poker, Joker Poker Video Poker, Surrender Blackjack, Vegas Solitaire, All or Nothing Solitaire, Unlimited Solitaire, Options Blackjack, Options Blackjack Enhanced and any of the slot games with the exception of Rebate Grid*Iron Slot.


Playing the Game
Use your credits to wager in the game.  You can adjust the coin value and the amount of coins you wish to bet on each turn.  The wager amount must be placed before you receive any cards, and cannot be altered during play.


Click the "Draw/Deal" button after making your bet to receive cards.  Or, Click "Draw/Deal" to obtain new cards or to replace the ones you did not hold.  You win or lose the game based on your final hand.


The player decides which cards, if any, to keep in his/her hand on the initial draw.  Press the "Hold" button or the card itself to "Hold" that card.  If you decide not to hold that card click "Hold" or the card again to release it.  "Hold" is highlighted and distinguished by a certain color.


Bet One
Click "Bet One" to play a single coin for your bet.  Use the"Bet One" option repeatedly to add more coins to your betting option.  This game only allows a maximum bet of 5 coins.


Bet Max
Click "Bet Max" button to play 5 coins on your hand.


Coin Value
Coin Value defines the amount of each coin you wish to bet.  You can change the coin value from 5 cents up to $5, by clicking the + or – buttons next to coin value.


Game Elements
Coins: Shows the amount of each coin being wagered.

Balance: Shows the available amount of money you have in your wallet.

Pairs: Shows the amount of money you won on your previous hand.

Bet Amount: Shows the amount of money being wagered on the current hand.


Exit Game
To exit the game, click the "Menu Button" and then click "Close Game".  If you have a pending hand, your game will resume play once you log in again.  Inactivity may cause the game in play to expire, but logging in again will resume play and the amount wagered once you return.


Last Hand
Hand histories will be provided to the player by clicking the MENU option, then Last Hand.  This will provide the last hands of your previous session.  If you wish to collect more hand history, contact Customer Service.


Payout Structure:
The payout structure is found within the game and defines how each winning hand will be paid out based on coin value and number of coins.  Winning poker hands are shown in the table.  For Jacks or Better – the winning hands go in traditional poker order beginning with 2 of a Kind (Jacks or Better) through to a Royal Flush (The highest winning hand in poker).


Poker Hand Hierarchy:
Royal Flush = The ultimate straight containing A, K, Q, J, 10 of the same suit – highest payout of all hands.

Straight Flush = Five cards containing the same suit in sequential or consecutive order. For example, 4-5-6-7-8 of spades.

Four of a Kind = 4 of a kind number – numeric or face value.  For example, 4 2's.

Full House = The combination of 3 – 2 sharing the same face values.  For example, 3 7's and 2 8's is a Full House.

Flush = 5 cards containing the same suit.  No numeric order is necessary.  For example, A – 8 – 4– K – 2 of hearts is a flush.

Straight = 5 cards in sequential or consecutive order.  The suits do not matter in a straight.  For example, 6c – 7d – 8h – 9s – 10c is a straight.

3 of a Kind = 3 of the 5 cards sharing the same numeric or face value.  For example, 3 10's is a 3 of a kind.

2 Pair = A combination of two like sets of numbers.  For example, 2 4's and 2 8's.

2 of a Kind = A combination of like numbers.  For example, 2 10's.  However, this game is Jacks or Better so the 2 of a Kind needs to be Jacks or Better in the combination.  That explanation is below.

Jacks or Better = The name of the game – a combination of Jacks or Better.  For example, 2 Jacks or 2 Queens or 2 Kings or 2 Aces would give you a winning hand.


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