General Reward Rules

Every new account is defaulted to our #1 promotion package, The Less Juice Package. If Cash Bonuses, Rebates, or any other of our promotion package are more to your liking, contact Customer Service to check your eligibility on switching programs. If you wish to switch your promotion package after payouts have been processed, you must cover or exceed with deposits the paid-out amount in order to be allowed a promotion program switch in your account. Management reserves the right to deny any promotion package switch at any time.

Cash Bonus earned after deposits are only valid if the amount deposited remains active in the account for 30 days. Paying out a balance below the deposit(s) amount before the 30-day period will result in any used Cash Bonus funds and winnings being deducted as cash from the account balance.

The Cash bonus has a 6-time rollover requirement and a 30 day hold for the deposit + bonus amounts. Example - A $500 deposit getting a $125 Cash Bonus must give $3,750 in action before paying out below $625. (Deposit amount + amount of the Cash Bonus). Anything above $625 is considered “winnings” and can be paid-out at any time. Once rollover is complete, and 30 days have passed, you may withdraw the full amount.

If a customer receives a promotion, then proceeds to lose all the funds deposited and the promotion, the customer will not be required to keep additional deposits in their account for a 30-day period from the point at which the promotion earning deposit was made. The requirements are considered met when an account balance reaches zero.

Rollover amounts for each wager are based on the lesser amount of risk or win in each selection. The rollover required for deposits and bonuses must be completed within these terms prior processing payouts from your account.

All bonuses are manually approved and entered into the system by the Customer Service department. You must contact BetAnySports via chat, email or over the phone to have your bonus entered.

Once a payout is made, eligible accounts may have a bonus applied on deposited funds which exceed the paid-out amount(s) ONLY. Payouts must be covered or exceeded with deposits in order to be allowed a Promotion Package switch of your account. Management reserves the right to deny a Promotion Package switch at any time.

Tips given to Live Dealers will be applied in your net win/loss figure at least once every 30 days. Please note that tips are considered payouts for bonus purposes and will count against any promotion that is applied to your account.

Bonus hunters are not welcomed at BetAnySports Sportsbook and Casino.

Management reserves the right to confiscate the promotion of any player(s) deemed to be taking advantage of our programs. This will only be applicable when the deposited funds, which have earned a promotion, are paid out. ALL promotions are for a limited time and may be changed or discontinued at any time.

Please contact our Customer Service Department for further details.

By accepting a promotion from BetAnySports you are confirming that you acknowledge and agree to all rules, policies, and restrictions.