The Less Juice Package

BetAnySports players agree, The Less Juice Package is the best bonus they have ever received. Considering the hundreds, even thousands of bets that can be made over the course of a season/year, the savings can really add up.

The industry standard for juice requires a player to normally risk $110 for every $100 they would want to win on a wager. With BetAnySports Less Juice a player risks less and wins more. BetAnySports has the widest variety of Less Juice options saving you money every time you bet. BetAnySports players can bet Less Juice on NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, WNBA, MLB Baseball & NHL Hockey.

BetAnySports Less Juice offerings on football and basketball include 10-cent money lines, 10-cent sides, and 10-cent totals (-105 pricing). When wagering at -105 odds you are wagering $105 to win $100. This equals a juice discount of 50% when compared to standard -110 odds.

Less Juice offerings are available in straight wager format and these lines are generally posted on the day of the event. Less Juice lines are not available for Parlays, Teasers nor If Bets.

Limits for Less Juice promotional lines range from $1 to $500. New accounts, which choose to be enrolled in a different type of promotional package,will have their Less Juice offerings eliminated. New accounts, which do not request an initial deposit bonus, will continue to be defaulted to Less Juice lines with a maximum of $500 per wager.

BetAnySports reserves the right to change or eliminate this offer at any time from any or all clients. Pending or closed tickets will not be affected by any change in this offer. This is an exclusive offer and cannot be combined with any other promotion. If you choose this promotional package, no other promotional offers are available or valid.

Where to find Less Juice Lines

Where to find Less Juice Lines

Log in to your BetAnySports account and select Sports from the main menu, then go to Offshore Lines. Under each Sport that offered it, you will see a variety of options listed by selecting Less Juice. Check back often to get the most up-to-date Less Juice Lines.

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