Cash Back Racebook Rules

A race must have a minimum of 4 runners for a WIN, PLACE, SHOW, QUINELLA, EXACTA, TRIFECTA or SUPERFECTA wager to have action. Daily Doubles, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 or Pick 6 and WPS Parlays will be paid track odds regardless if a race does not have a minimum of 4 runners.

Races with post times after midnight eastern time are graded the following morning.

The minimum wager over the phone is $20 each bet.

Past-posting a completed race is considered stealing and will be dealt with in the harshest manner possible. Wagering on any race after its completion will result in one of the following outcomes: account suspension, account termination, or account deletion and confiscation of the fraudulent funds. No warnings will be given regarding this type of activity.

Differences between past posted wagers made a few seconds into a race and wagers posted after a race is completed are easily determined. Do not test the resolve of management regarding blatant theft.

Be aware that our Racebook platforms pay TRACK ODDS. Track consolation pay outs, if offered by the track, will be automatically paid as displayed in track results. Carryovers or pools listed by the track will not be offered by Betanysports Racebooks. No claims upon payouts will be accepted without the odds being displayed on the track's site.

Pool manipulation attempts will lead to account suspension and earnings from these types of schemes are subject to voiding/forfeiture.

Triple Crown and Breeder's Cup maximum net profit per race: $100,000

Track A maximum net profit per race: $30,000

Track B maximum net profit per race: $15,000

Track C maximum net profit per race: $10,000

Tracks D and E maximum net profit per race: $7,500

Harness maximum net profit per race: $5,000

Net profits per race include winnings from both racebook wagering platforms. Included in this maximum net profit are winnings from multiple race selections and also profits from multiple accounts wagering in conjunction with each other.

Please see Cash Back Racebook Payouts for maximum odds paid for different wager types and maximum net profit per race.

The following wager types will not be eligible for Rebates:

Your Cash Back Racebook Cash Rebate is automatically credited to your account at 10:00am ET, on a daily basis.

Your account will automatically be defaulted to receive the Super High Rebates in the Rebate Racebook if you are already receiving our Reduced Juice Rewards. This is our default Rewards Program.

If you choose another Rewards Program other than the Reduced Juice Rewards your Cash Back Racebook rebates will be lowered to standard percentages. You will receive 3% on win, place and show wagers and 6% on exotic wagers on Tracks A, B and C and 1% on win, place and show wagers and 2% on exotic wagers on Tracks D, E, Harness.

Betanysports' Management reserves the right to remove a player from this program at anytime.

No rebate will be given on cancelled wagers or wagers refunded due to a scratch.

The rebate program only applies to bets placed within the Betanysports Cash Back Racebook and does not apply to other wagers made through the Betanysports Racebook + or the Betanysports Sportsbook.

See the Sportsbook Rules page for details regarding fixed odds horse wagering in the Sportsbook.