Types of Racebook + Wagers

To place a bet, select the desired track from the menu. All available races and betting options will be available on this screen. Simply point and click to choose your desired options.

Straight Wagers - "Win" means First place, "Place" is Second place or better, and "Show" is Third Place or better.

Exotic Wagers - Making an exotic bet is just like placing a straight wager, except now you will be selecting multiple horses. All selections must win. Track consolation payouts will not be credited. The following is a list of exotic wagers we offer:

Exacta: Choose two horses to come in 1st and 2nd in the specified order.

Trifecta: Choose horses to come in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in that specified order.

Superfecta: Choose horses to come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th places in that order.

Quinella: A wager where two horses are selected to finish first and second in any order.

Daily Double: A bet attempting to pick the winner of two consecutive races.

Pick3: The Pick 3 requires you to select the winner of 3 consecutive races.

Pick4: The Pick 4 requires you to select the winner of 4 consecutive races.

Pick6: The Pick 6 requires you to select the winner of 6 consecutive races.

Coupled Pairs: Horses are coupled in the betting if they share the same owner. If you place a wager on one coupled horse, you automatically get the other. So if you select a horse that is part of a coupled pair (i.e. horses 1 and 1A), both of the coupled horses are considered as one selection. For example, if you played 1-3-7 as your Trifecta and the result was 1A-3-7, you win. Also, if one horse gets scratched, you have the other horse regardless of which horse you selected. For example, if you select 1A and 1A gets scratched - you still have the 1 horse. If part of an entry is scratched and part of an entry runs, all wagers have action. There is no "must go" action as part of the entry. If one of the entry runs, all wagers and bet types have action.


Horse scratches are updated automatically by the Cash Back Racebook system. We assume no liability for errors from data suppliers regarding horse scratch status. If you wagered on a horse before it was scratched, the follow rules will be applied:

Win / Place / Show: All wagers refunded when the race is graded.

There is a $20,000 max payout for show bets. Any wager placed above this amount will be considered no action.

Exacta / Trifecta / Superfecta / Quinella: Each portion of your wager, which involves a scratched horse, will be refunded when the race is graded.

Daily Double / Pick 3 / Pick 4 / Pick 6: The post-time favorite could be used to replace a scratch, based on the Host Track’s own ruling. If the race and Track you selected for your ticket(s) pays consolations for scratches based on the post-time favorite odds and result, and you have a selection with All winners and a scratch, this scenario will get your selection a consolation payout, but if Track consolation is not given your ticket(s) will be refunded. A selection with a scratch and one or more losers does not qualify for any refund. Track consolation payouts are automatically calculated and applied by the system. Daily Doubles, Pick 3's, Pick 4's, Pick 5's and Pick 6's count towards the last race in its sequence when calculating the race profit. The formula will be: (Net Profit = Net Payout for Race minus Total Amount Wagered for Race).

Should the track payout on a race pays to ALL on Super/Trifectas, pays out 2 of 3 on a Pick 3, or 3 of 4 on a Pick 4, and your wager has the exact perfect ticket, you’ll be paid out the whole pool up to the track maximum win minus 25% representing the takeout percentage.